Dear Landlords,

Please read this before filling out the form below.  The form is for gathering information about your rental, which will then be posted on the Fairfield Off-Campus Housing site.  Please do not oversell the facility and alert prospects of any issues, such as being near the train tracks, or that the local band practices there on weekends.

You can re-submit this form at any time to update your listing and the new information will replace the old. The form is easy, but it will ask for a description of the rental, which you might want to think about before starting.  The description will allow you to bring out useful information that isn’t covered in the form’s other fields.  You will have 700 characters with which to work.

PHOTOGRAPHS: You can upload as many as four photographs of your facility.  If you do not have them ready, you may want to get them prepared before starting.  The images will display in landscape orientation at a ratio of 5 wide to 4 high.  You may want to have a roughly similar shape to your photographs so they don’t appear distorted when they are presented on the site.  The limit is three megabytes per photograph, and the images will display at full size when someone clicks on them on the individual listing page.

If you stop renting out your facility for whatever reason, or take on a permanent renter, please let us know so that we can remove the listing.  You can always renew it if the status changes.  If you have questions, please use the contact form or look at the FAQ page.  Happy renting.

One hint: You may want to save the description, so that you can tweak it in the future and then just copy and paste it into this form when resubmitting.