Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is there any cost to using this service?

No.  The purpose of the site is to connect people coming to Fairfield to participate in MUM programs, or programs offered by Maharishi Foundation or Global Country of World Peace with great places to stay.

Will I be able to purchase the things I need in Fairfield?

You should be able to get many things, the basics at the MUM Bookstore or the Dome Market.  If you are talking about linens or larger items, there is shopping in town for most of those needs.  If you need to get to a larger city, Iowa City is a little over an hour away.

How far is Fairfield from the nearest airports?

Burlington, a small airport is about an hour away.  Cedar Rapids, AKA Eastern Iowa Airport is about an hour and a half away, Quad Cities is almost two hours, and Des Moines is just over two hours, but has the most flights.

If I can't find anything today, is there a chance there will be updates in the future?

Yes.  This website is updated all the time.

Where can I find information on the Transcendental Meditation Program?

You can call the Maharishi Peace Palace, which is located next to MUM: 1-641-919-1300

You can call the TM Information Center, just off the town square, at 110 N. Main Street: 1-641-209-7060

If a rental is listed, does that mean it is available?

Not necessarily.  Renters come and go, so you will have to check with the landlord for availability.

If I can't find something here, where else might I look?

There are publications that might have listings: The Source, The Fairfield Weekly Reader, and the Fairfield Ledger (,  for example.  You also might find postings at the entrance to Everybody’s or Hy-Vee food stores.

What if I just need a Hotel for a night or two?

Some of the listings here will rent for a night or two, but if you can’t find anything, the local facilities that we are aware of are:  

The Raj – 641-472-9580;

Rukmapura Park Hotel – 641-469-1919;

Invincible America Assembly Northwest Campus – 641-233-7603; 

Mainstay Suites – 641-209-3300;

Best Western Fairfield Inn – 641-472-2200;

AmericInn Hotel and Suites – 641-451-6600;

Seven Roses Inn – 641-209-7077.

I don't see any rating system for the rentals. Will you consider that?

It can become very complicated, with people complaining about the fairness of a rating.  We are in no position to moderate all of that, so we won’t be doing this at this time.

Where can I get information on performances, recreation, and entertainment in Fairfield?

The TM Information Center, just off the town square. at 110 N Main Street, next to Revelations Cafe, has information on local services and activities in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City, as well as information on, and contacts for local TM affiliates such as MUM, MSAE, Maharishi Foundation, and the Peace Palaces. Their number is 641 209-7060.

When and how do we pay for the rental?

The rentals are all operated by their individual landlords and you will need to speak with them regarding their method of doing things.  We are just a listing service and are in no way involved with the rentals.

I have not been able to reach a listing. Any ideas?

Keep trying or consider a different listing.  We don’t have a better way to reach the landlords than the numbers listed, but being able to easily reach them could be a consideration in making your decision where to rent.

What is the best way to get to Fairfield?

As soon as possible.

I am from out of town. What kind of weather should I prepare for?

This is very much an area of four seasons. It is hot and humid in the summer and cold and dryer in the winter.  Go to (, type in 52556, the zip-code of Fairfield, and then select the month of the previous year corresponding to the time you expect to come to get some idea.  You can go further back in time if want a broader picture.

What is the phone number for Maharishi University of Management?